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About Element Catalyst



Healthy Lifestyle Strategy Sessions

Health and Wellness Workshops

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Our Story
Element Catalyst exists to serve, support and inspire others in their healthy lifestyle journey.
 The inspiration for Element Catalyst in both name and purpose comes from the founder's belief that each and every person has room to improve and change in their health and wellness status. The name in itself indicates our role as a "catalyst: a entity (or element) that increases the rate of a reaction due to its presence" .
In addition, Element Catalyst advocates a way of living that nourishes, challenges, and balances the mind, body and soul. 
We  provide a unique approach to each individual by identifying personal goals and providing education and support in meeting those goals throughout the process. We also invite each person into a community of people who believe in achievable goals, maintainable healthy choices and in living healthy and well as a permanent habit.

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