Project        Accountability

A gathering of women pursuing a healthy lifestyle mind, body, and soul.

The What: This program guides you through a coaching in community experience that will revolutionize your habits and lifestyle over three months. Learn and grow with a small group community on a weekly basis with video meetings, email accountability check ins, and a private Facebook group.


The When: Our Spring program is in session currently and the Fall/Winter program launches September 2020 ! The program runs September-Nov 2020.  The  program commitments are 2 monthly meetings (required) and a monthly social event (optional but awesome). Video meetings are held via remote video conference on the first and third weeks of each month. Several time options are available to attend on Monday and Tuesdays of those weeks. 

The Where: As a remote meeting and email based program, anyone anywhere can participate!

The Value: This program is $45/month or $135 for the whole program. Sliding scale payment options are also available.

Apply for your spot with Project Accountability today at link below!

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