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Meet Element Catalyst


This is Hannah Little with Element Catalyst LLC.

We are so excited to be up and running this month. The ideas and inspiration for this company have been a few years in the making.

As the founder of this entity, I want to let you know a little bit more about what we stand for and how we plan to impact the world. Keep reading to hear about our key beliefs.

#1: We believe that each person's journey is unique and different. Our organization meets our clients wherever they are on their health journey and provides them with the tools, resources, education, and accountability to take them where they dream of being. We choose to embrace and support individual differences in exercise, stress management, healthy eating, and happy living.

#2: We believe in health equity and provide everyone with a chance to live a healthy, fulfilling life, regardless of financial circumstances or other obstacles.

#3: We believe in innovation and creativity. In goals, in meals, in exercise. While education and safety are always taken into consideration, we encourage thinking outside the box.

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